Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Years of Happily Ever After

On May 25th, 2007, I married the man who makes me crazy.
Three years later, he's STILL got it! ;)

Tom and I met in Alberta.
We dated in Ontario, Quebec and Utah.
We got married in New York.
On our honeymoon we went to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan.

That's what I get for marrying a dual citizen!

The adventures didn't stop after our honeymoon.
As a married couple we've been to Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, California, AND MEXICO!
(And back to Canada several times.)

I wouldn't have half these memories if it weren't for Tom. (I would definitely still be in Canada.)
But regardless of all that, it's our daily adventures that make our life so special.

I love his hilarious quotes like "You're as crazy as you are beautiful."
"Have you seen Sneezy? Dopey? Because I KNOW where GRUMPY is!"

I love that Tom puts up with my mood swings, tears, bad hair cuts, and extra pounds.

I love that we've made a home together.
And that Tom doesn't mind that I never cook, and rarely clean.

I love that our little family has grown with our adoption of Yoda.
(And that Tom takes such good care of both of us.)

I love how a simple trip to Costco becomes an event.
Bedtime becomes a steam-roller competition.
Driving anywhere in separate cars becomes a race.
Watching "Lost" becomes a marathon.

Tom and I are living the marriage Olympics...
And we're winning GOLD.


  1. Happy anniversary to you!

  2. Happy anniversary Lesli!!! I remember planning our weddings in online reporting and getting all giddy. :)

  3. Ahhhhh! Very cute. My favorite joke was this: "Tom doesn't mind that I never cook, and rarely clean" ;)

  4. You guys are so awesome and so much fun together. What a great couple you make!

  5. It's been three whole years since we paid all that money to get rid of y... er...marry you off? Good thing we only remember the happy times! My baby has been MARRIED for three whole years!!!! Guess I really am getting old!

  6. Wow! You guys are so cute!
    Such a fun post :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Very cute post, I love it!

  8. 3 years?! What have I been doing this whole time? Get on the ball deanna!

  9. You guys are awesome. I do have to say you guys make a pretty perfect match...glad you're so happy!!

  10. What a great, well-thought-out post! And whatthe? Who knew you'd been to so many exotic places?! But let me say this: as the sister, I don't really want to ever know how much "steam-rolling" is going on in your bedroom...