Monday, November 29, 2010

Canadian Shopping Spree!

Most people come to the states to shop.
But not me and Tom, we go to CANADA!!

The more time I spend outside of Canada, the more I want to buy things that say Canada on them. (I've lived in the U.S. for 3 years now)

This past trip to Calgary over Thanksgiving weekend, I may have gone a little overboard...
I bought this bag at the Roots outlet. It's one of my FAV purchases.
Wanna know why?
It was only $2!!!!
It even has the Roots beaver on the back!

Remember this post from last year? I was SOOOO excited to get the Canadian Olympic mittens for my birthday from my dad!
(Yeah, I know I went a little crazy)

Well, over the past year of wearing my mittens EVERYDAY on my freezing cold bus, they've gotten a little worn out.

Luckily, the Bay has NEW Canada mittens.
I bought them 5 seconds after I laid eyes on them.

I love how when you put them together, they make a maple leaf!!

Old mittens, new mittens.
I can't decide which one's I like more!
I hope they have new ones every year!

Last but not least, I bought this super adorable shirt from Bluenotes!
It was $2.50!!!
I love the lumberjack-plaid pattern in the maple leaf. It screams Canada!

Tom even got into the spirit of things, buying a Canada hoodie from Roots!
Isn't he sooooo cute?

Oh yeah, I also bought a little souvenir for my desk at work.
Meet Zed, the Canadian beaver.

Thanks to Christina for the name and everyone else who suggested names.
Other ideas were:
Foreign Exchange Student
America Jr. (:S)
Sorry (said like a Canadian "Soorry")
and Mahonri Moriancumar!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Real Job

With all this photography, I bet you forgot what my real job is.
Here are a few of the promos I've produced for KSL during this past ratings period.

This is the most recent promo. I got to work with Nadine Wimmer on this one. She is the nicest, most talented anchor ever! The eye-opening story airs Monday at 10.

This next one was for a story by Jennifer Stagg. Definitely one of the BEST reporters at KSL. You should see how many friends she has on Facebook. Everyone loves her.
The story is definitely a tear-jerker, so beware if you watch the complete story.

This is a promo for an "Ed Yeates Special". He's our medical reporter. He actually retired a while back, so he only comes back for the REALLY good stories. The full story is here.

This next spot isn't a promo for a regular story, it's a promo for our COVERAGE on Election night.
We call it a POP, or Proof of Performance spot.
I take clips that actually aired on television and make them into a promo that shows off how AWESOME we are.

These promos are only a fraction of the reason I've been so busy lately.
My boss has been off for the past month and a half because of surgery and I've been working his night shift. It's a nice change, but A LOT of work on top of the fact it's also Sweeps.
When this month is over, I think I deserve a day at the spa, don't you?
(Tell Tom will ya?)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Orange Photo Shoot

This is Beck "The Situation".
I did this photo shoot a while ago but I couldn't decide what pictures to post because there were SO MANY awesome ones!

So I'm just going to post ALL my favs.

Beck's mom is my good friend Mallory. She has the best style ever and dressed Beck in the CUTEST little outfit!

There's a beautiful orange building in Lehi that I've been dying to shoot at, so we made orange the theme of the shoot and went to a bunch of different locations.

You could light up a room with that smile!

Location #2 was at the pumpkin patch!

Location #3 was a random spot with a ton of construction drums. Beck loved running around them like he was in a maze!

Location #4 was on a farm.
I've decided I really like shooting kids and families. They're so fun! Candid photos like these are my favorite.
And there's definitely no shortage of kids in Utah!