Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Orange Photo Shoot

This is Beck "The Situation".
I did this photo shoot a while ago but I couldn't decide what pictures to post because there were SO MANY awesome ones!

So I'm just going to post ALL my favs.

Beck's mom is my good friend Mallory. She has the best style ever and dressed Beck in the CUTEST little outfit!

There's a beautiful orange building in Lehi that I've been dying to shoot at, so we made orange the theme of the shoot and went to a bunch of different locations.

You could light up a room with that smile!

Location #2 was at the pumpkin patch!

Location #3 was a random spot with a ton of construction drums. Beck loved running around them like he was in a maze!

Location #4 was on a farm.
I've decided I really like shooting kids and families. They're so fun! Candid photos like these are my favorite.
And there's definitely no shortage of kids in Utah!


  1. Just love these! They look great!

  2. I love the one of him sitting in the window well. His hands up like that are like punk rocker. lol. The orange is great with the blue outfit. You know all about the colour wheel, right? Cos orange and blue are complementary colours!