Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yoda the Tiger

For Halloween, our dog Yoda transformed into a ferocious tiger!!

Sooooo cute! Best $3 costume ever!

Occasionally Yoda would try to catch his fake tail. It was super hilarious so I tried to catch it on camera.
Beware, the video may give you motion sickness, but at least you can watch it in HD!!

For Halloween, Tom was a...
...Cubs fan.
(He was even wearing Cubs Crocs)
I'll let you make your own jokes here. I have to live with the man.

For work, I wore a blond wig.
But 8 hours later I was ready to rip the stupid thing off.

So for the ward activity, I borrowed a pink wig and wings from a friend so I could be a fairly princess.
Not bad, considering I put it together an hour before the event.

That's my friend Ashley. She was a hot Cat Woman.Yes, I realize these pictures are blurry.
That's what happens when you let someone else use your camera. LOL!


  1. I knew Yoda would dress up! Megan kept wanting to get him a costume and I was sure you had found one for him already...nice.

  2. crocs? what could be said that his attire did not say itself?