Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Special Baby Shoot

Meet Alea.
She's older than the other babies I've photographed.
But that's because she was in the hospital for the first few weeks of her life.

Alea was born with Down syndrome.
You can hardly tell by her looks or her actions.
Babies with Down syndrome usually aren't very fidgety. But not this baby. She was flailing all over the place!
It made for a very eventful photo shoot.

Alea's dad started a blog called "A Walk With Our Angel" to talk about their experiences.
It's definitely worth checking out.
Alea's older siblings have a unique perspective about the whole thing.
When told that her baby sister had Down syndrome, one of her sisters said "So? I will still love her."
The blog is full of great stories like that.

I love sleeping babies!

Dad and Baby Alea.

Alea's cute little hands.

Dad and Alea starting at each other.

Mom and Baby.

And my favorite picture from the shoot...

Love it!


  1. Lesli, we LOVE the pictures!!! See how on the 3rd kid her screaming doesn't even phase us :). Thanks again for the session!!

  2. Very cute, and what a sweet baby! Nice scary hair today on the segment, you worked it very nice! :)

  3. Honestly, you're really really good! i am very impressed!