Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look who was on TV today!

It's ME stuffing me face with dessert!
Watch for Tom too!

I love that I'm getting credit for discovering a store that's been open for 10 months already. LOL!
In reality, I feel like I was the last person to find out about it.
I was taking pictures so I could blog about The Chocolate, but ended up giving them to Studio 5.
But this makes a much cooler blog post, don't you think?

And if you think this is cool, stay tuned!
I'm going to be on Studio 5 FOR REAL this Monday, October 18th.
I'm going to be a model!
Well, a witch model...
Modeling witch hair...
Whatever! Make all the jokes you want. I'm excited!


  1. Who was that stud in the Crocs?

  2. Very Cool Lesli!

  3. haha that was awesome! You look so cute and Tom looks fabulous sitting in those pink cushy chairs. I've never heard of that place either. Holy crap, I am so there~

  4. Nice! Never heard of it, but I want to go now! Well, mostly just because there are such attractive people there! :)

  5. Megan has been telling me that I need to go here for months...and it's so close to my house I will mos def hit it up now.

  6. YOU'RE SO FAMOUS!...they even said your name!!!