Monday, October 25, 2010

Talking Pumpkins on Live TV!

I'm almost puked from nervousness today.
I've had a month to prepare for this (unlike my other Studio 5 appearances which were only days notice), but nonetheless, I was 10 times more nervous.
You see, I had to TALK on television.

If I hadn't promised some people I would post this, I'm not sure I would.
I've been picking it apart in my head all day.

I can't believe there are people who do this for a living!
Don't be fooled by the fact I
may look like I'm having fun.
I'm just excited about my new
blazer. (It's cute right?)
Definitely the plus side to my TV appearance.
Yay for new clothes!


  1. You were awesome Lesli! Didn't seem nervous at all. I loved your shirt under the blazer.
    You totally talk Utah now, exactly like the tv hosts!

  2. I loved your outfit! I thought you were awesome this morning! This is Jackee BTW, I don't know why Derek is logged in instead of me.

  3. You did AWESOME! SUCH a natural :)
    Great work, girl!

  4. I think you were the perfect TV personality. I agree with young mother hubbard, though, you do talk Utah now! haha. But you were great. Stop picking it apart and just rest on the fact that you're amazing!

  5. I thought you were awesome! I am so proud! *tear

  6. My actual thought was "She doesn't look nervous at all--in fact, she looks like she was made for this!" Go Lesters!