Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Hair is Famous!!

I did it! I was on T.V.! And I wasn't super nervous!
I mean, there were kids in the same segment, and they didn't bat an eyelash, so I really had no excuse.

Here's the clip. That's actually my hair in the freeze frame. Cool eh?
I'm about 2 and a half minutes into the segment if you want to skip to it.
Beware: the mole may freak you out!

Believe it or not, that hair style only took about 5 minutes to throw up.
It took longer - and was much more painful - to take out!
But the hairspray brushed out nicely, and left my hair really soft for the rest of the day.
Everyone who saw me that day was surprised my hair survived the torture.


  1. Wow! You sure love the camera! And the camera loves you! Woo woot!

  2. AH!!! You look so GREAT as a witch! I DID kind of want to say...."MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!!!" And poke your face with a branch.....but you look so great! What ARE you going to be for Halloween????

  3. You looked WICKED! In the modern vernacular, that is. You didn't look wicked at all in the traditional sense - that's probably because you're one of the GOOD witches!

  4. I just watched that video clip with Finn and he LOVED it. That was awesome Lesli, you should totally do your hair like that for Halloween.