Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Real Job

With all this photography, I bet you forgot what my real job is.
Here are a few of the promos I've produced for KSL during this past ratings period.

This is the most recent promo. I got to work with Nadine Wimmer on this one. She is the nicest, most talented anchor ever! The eye-opening story airs Monday at 10.

This next one was for a story by Jennifer Stagg. Definitely one of the BEST reporters at KSL. You should see how many friends she has on Facebook. Everyone loves her.
The story is definitely a tear-jerker, so beware if you watch the complete story.

This is a promo for an "Ed Yeates Special". He's our medical reporter. He actually retired a while back, so he only comes back for the REALLY good stories. The full story is here.

This next spot isn't a promo for a regular story, it's a promo for our COVERAGE on Election night.
We call it a POP, or Proof of Performance spot.
I take clips that actually aired on television and make them into a promo that shows off how AWESOME we are.

These promos are only a fraction of the reason I've been so busy lately.
My boss has been off for the past month and a half because of surgery and I've been working his night shift. It's a nice change, but A LOT of work on top of the fact it's also Sweeps.
When this month is over, I think I deserve a day at the spa, don't you?
(Tell Tom will ya?)

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