Monday, November 29, 2010

Canadian Shopping Spree!

Most people come to the states to shop.
But not me and Tom, we go to CANADA!!

The more time I spend outside of Canada, the more I want to buy things that say Canada on them. (I've lived in the U.S. for 3 years now)

This past trip to Calgary over Thanksgiving weekend, I may have gone a little overboard...
I bought this bag at the Roots outlet. It's one of my FAV purchases.
Wanna know why?
It was only $2!!!!
It even has the Roots beaver on the back!

Remember this post from last year? I was SOOOO excited to get the Canadian Olympic mittens for my birthday from my dad!
(Yeah, I know I went a little crazy)

Well, over the past year of wearing my mittens EVERYDAY on my freezing cold bus, they've gotten a little worn out.

Luckily, the Bay has NEW Canada mittens.
I bought them 5 seconds after I laid eyes on them.

I love how when you put them together, they make a maple leaf!!

Old mittens, new mittens.
I can't decide which one's I like more!
I hope they have new ones every year!

Last but not least, I bought this super adorable shirt from Bluenotes!
It was $2.50!!!
I love the lumberjack-plaid pattern in the maple leaf. It screams Canada!

Tom even got into the spirit of things, buying a Canada hoodie from Roots!
Isn't he sooooo cute?

Oh yeah, I also bought a little souvenir for my desk at work.
Meet Zed, the Canadian beaver.

Thanks to Christina for the name and everyone else who suggested names.
Other ideas were:
Foreign Exchange Student
America Jr. (:S)
Sorry (said like a Canadian "Soorry")
and Mahonri Moriancumar!


  1. I really love the name Zed. In fact, before you mentioned it, I thought he CAME with that name. I'm also fairly jealous of the $2 Roots bag. Think I can find one here? I didn't see your post from your mittens last year, but I think it's great. Did you send it in somewhere? It would have made a great ad.

  2. Go check out your local Roots and see if you can find it! Then we'd have matching bags! Yay!
    Nah, I never sent the picture anywhere, I embarrassed myself enough on my blog.