Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Picture Perfect Family

Meet Nate, Sheree, and little Rivers.
Have you ever seen a family so photogenic?
They were soooooo fun to shoot!
It helped that my friend Ashley was there to make little Rivers smile and laugh the whole time!
The location for this shoot was a little random.
There's a house/farm I pass on the bus everyday with a really cute barn in the backyard.
One day I got up the courage to walk up to the house and ask if I could take pictures there!
"Ummm, hi. I'm a photographer. Can I take pictures at your house? I promise I'm not a stalker creepy person."
Surprisingly, they said yes!
There were a million sweet spots to choose from.

Who doesn't love hay pictures!

Fence pictures (with mountains)!!I actually did this shoot on October 31st - Halloween!
So we had to document Rivers' 1st Halloween costume.
He was a Pea in a Pod!
Homegrown by Nate and Sheree!
There were over a hundred good pictures from this shoot. Sheree looked stunning in every one! Nate looked like the perfect dad in every one!
And Rivers, well, do I even need to say how adorable he looks? I want to pinch his cheeks in every picture!
It was REALLY hard to narrow them down to just these nine pictures.


  1. Homegrown by Nate and Sheree!

  2. awe! All your comments are so nice. Thanks for making my day. So true, it was hard picking which ones we wanted to get developed, there are so many awesome ones. Thanks again!!!

  3. Great shoot Lesters! And Zed is the perfect name for that little guy on your desk -- I want to name a pet that now!