Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Doggy Birthday Party!

Our little Yoda is one year old!
I never in my life thought I would throw a birthday party for a dog, but here I am!

First things first.
You HAVE to see the invitation I made for Yoda's doggy friends.

This was the perfect excuse to invite my friends and their dogs over and have a dog-friendly cake!

My friend Mallory from Livin' Sweet is known for making amazing cakes, but I think she's outdone herself with this one.
It was a peanut butter cake with carrot shavings on top.
Yoda loved the carrot shavings!

Here's us presenting Yoda with his cake.
Yeah, we put Yoda in his Christmas outfit, so sue me.

All the dogs LOVED the cake! It was gone in minutes!

Here's Roxy eating her piece.
Roxy is my friend Ashley's dog.

Harry in this adorable elf costume.

Pete, in his hilarious Christmas sweater.
Both Pete and Harry are Mallory's dogs.

This is Cali. My friend Gaby "borrowed" her sister-in-law's dog just for the party! LOL!

And last, but not least, this is Cleo, Aaron and Ashley's new dog.
She's huge, but was probably the calmest one at the party.
She's such a good dog.

Here's Yoda cleaning up the crumbs.
I was going to get plates for dogs, but come on.
They're DOGS!

For the humans at the party, we had a hot chocolate bar with all the toppings you could dream of, including my new favorite, eggnog whip cream. So yummy!

We also had three kinds of marshmallows: mini marshmallows, strawberry marshmallows and GIANT marshmallows.

Ever seen a dog try to eat a giant marshmallow? It's hilarious!!!!

The marshmallow is almost as big as his head!

Some of Yoda's friend even brought him presents! That sure was a surprise!

The first gift we opened made me burst out laughing.
It's a dog Snuggie!

The second gift was a stocking full of dog toys!

Even when some of the guests were leaving, Yoda was still the life of the party.
Watching him play with his friend Roxy was hilarious!

Here's our birthday boy all pooped after the party!
Make fun all you want. We had so much fun!


  1. You invited insult so here it goes: My favorite quote from this post is, " It was the perfect excuse to invite Yoda's friend's over and have a dog-friendly cake." Hahahaha.

  2. not even sure what to say here...First Tom comes out by announcing he defeated you at Twilight Scene It and now I read about this. I am just not sure what to believe about my favorite Canadians anymore. lol