Sunday, December 19, 2010

Senior Shoot

The first time I ever heard of "senior shoots", I thought the photographer was talking about about REAL seniors.
As in people over 65 years old.
Weird, but okay. Old people need pretty portraits too.
Then I found out senior shoots are shoots with high school seniors!
We have "grad pictures" in Canada, but no "senior pictures".

Why not give it a try, eh?

Meet Jessie.
A real high school senior!

We had to get a picture with her car! You gotta document a teenager's first ride!

These pictures were actually taken weeks ago at the height of fall.
This Provo Canyon park had a million picture-perfect spots!

With senior shoots there are lots of wardrobe changes.
You want to showcase every side of who the teen is at this point in her life.

Jessie is a super sweet girl glowing with inner and outer beauty.
And she has this spunky side which had us laughing during the entire shoot!

The "blue shirt" pictures below are my favorite of the whole shoot!
Isn't she gorgeous!

This is my favorite picture. It screams "top model" to me.

Here are the "tree pictures"
We found this tree with a sideways branch you could sit on!

Jessie is also a softball player so we got some sexy-sporty pics too!

And lastly, we snapped a few pictures of Jessie holding these rings she wears on a necklace.
They have sentimental value for Jessie and she wears them everyday.
You can see them in almost every picture, but I wanted to make sure we had a few pictures just of the necklace.

Overall I learned senior shoots are a lot of work, but they're fun because you get to explore all the different sides of one person and tell a story through pictures.
If you get a fun person like Jessie, the shoot is a piece of cake!


  1. oh we love them! where did you take them at? It's beautiful. We might have to have you take some of us there next year.

  2. Good job, Lesters! Will you take some fam shots of us? Do you have any time off at Christmas? We need some BAD--and I have a project I've been wanting to do with some too.