Sunday, January 9, 2011

Naming Contest with PRIZES!!

My sister-in-law, Andrea, needs a new name for her business and is willing to reward anyone who comes up with a good one!

Old name: The Baby Source (Doula Services, Breastpump rentals and sales etc)

New Direction: Sleep consultations and sleep coaching for kids (infants to teens), Parental support (parent coaching) And postpartum Doula Support (practical, in-home support for families with infants)

Basically Sleep and Support for tired parents (and eventually teens)

She's looking for a name that she won't have to change in the future and will not seem lame to teens using sleep services. (Not a babyish name.)

Anything works. Think of an alliteration, a rhyming name or a sleep related word in another language, or a name that is fun to say like Lululemon (too bad this one is taken)

Andrea also likes the idea of something related to blankets or the comfort of wrapping a blanket around you.


1. $20 Gift card to Amazon (via e-mail). Picked randomly from everyone who submitted an idea.

2. $20 Gift card to Amazon for the winning name!

Submit name ideas in the comments on this blog post or on Andrea's contest page on Facebook!

CONTEST ENDS: Jan 31, 2011
UPDATE: Contest has been extended to March 22nd.


  1. for some reason I like the zzz's...

    from blankets to zzz's
    planet zzz's
    The Bee's Zzz's
    wait -- she is Canadian
    from ehs to zzz's (with a baby wrapped in a maple leaf blanket)

  2. Sleep And Support Services/Source
    Sleep And Sound Source
    Sound Asleep Support Services
    S.A.S.S. (teen approved)

  3. Something for Teens to enjoy, perhaps:

    Wrapped in Pillow Talk.


  4. Dreamworks!

    OK, just kidding. Here's some ideas starting with my favorite:

    Somnium ('Dreams' in the dreams you have while you're sleeping and achieving your dreams in life because you're getting the sleep you need)

    Dream Direction
    Slumber Support
    Dream Doctor
    Better Bedtime
    Rest Remedies