Monday, January 10, 2011


I just finished editing the most adorable pictures!
And I don't just think that because I took them.

Meet Oliver and Nicholas.
Nicholas is the one with the scratch on his nose.
It would have been easy to photoshop out, but then we wouldn't know who was who!

We almost got a smile in this one.

The shoot was a week before Christmas so they have on their adorable holiday PJs!
You can't go wrong with cute pictures on the bum!

This is their blessing outfit.
I snapped as many pictures as I could while they were both sleeping.
I knew it would be a small window of time.

Baby Booties!

Ready for your close up? This is Nicholas.

Oliver's close up.
He was a HAM for the camera!

Mom and baby Nicholas.

Mom and baby Oliver.

This is when we knew they were DONE!


  1. Great Pics Lesli! The second one is by far my favorite...the look on Oliver's face is so cute!

  2. Remember the days when we could afford you cause you were an up and coming photog? Ya, those were the days... Nice work.