Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mittens

I first saw them on the Today show. Someone from the Vancouver Olympic Committee gave a pair of these mittens to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira.

And I was in love.

They're so simple, yet so gorgeous, and I always need more items to show my Canadian pride. Plus I have no doubt they will be the super-hot item during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, kinda like the ugly blue beret that was so hot during the SLC Olympics (that you can now buy at DI for 50 cents).

I did some research, found out they were only 10 dollars (sold out everywhere online), and immediately e-mailed my mother-in-law. She was coming down to Utah the following week, so I asked if she wouldn't mind picking me up a pair at the Bay or Zellers.

Like the amazing mother-in-law she is, she was at the store very THAT day on her lunch break. Except there was a problem. They were sold out. The employee told her they have been sold out since 2 hours after they went on sale - a few weeks prior, and it was VERY unlikely she would find any mittens for me. Mamma Harker was put on a waiting list at number 99!

I was crushed, but not without hope. It was my DESTINY to be with these mittens.

I e-mailed every member of my family in Canada and told them they were now on a mission to find me these mittens. I know I sounded like desperate teenager, but I didn't care. I was officially obsessed.

Exactly two days after I sent out my plea, I got an e-mail from my dad. It said:

"Hi L.A. The Place d'Orleans Bay had just received a new shipment when I was in there today - so I bought you a pair. Happy Birthday! The saleslady figured they would all be sold by tonight!"

That is soooooo my dad. Being coy when he knows he just made me the happiest girl in the world! I know he was proud of himself. Once I knew the package was in the mail, the wait began.

Things take sooooooo long to ship between Canada and the states.

Then finally, two weeks later...

They're even more fabulous in real life! And so warm. And they fit me perfectly!

Oh, you noticed my make-up matches the mittens? You're so observant! Wondering if I did that on purpose? Oh, yes I did! Yes, these mittens were worth the effort.

Dad, the heart in the last picture is for you. You are the best dad in the whole world! I love you.

Jealous V. Pigeon???


  1. The Bay, Zellers, and Home Outfitters (the whole Bay chain) were entirely sold out of mittens - across the country! More are being manufactured so they should be in the stores again soon. I'm now on a waiting list for V. Pigeon's pair (see? I don't play favourites! She has a birthday coming up too.)

  2. Ha ha ha ha! That collage is hillarious

  3. I LOVE your collage! I zoomed it in and chuckled over each new picture. :) Congrats on getting the mittens! I have some Canadian mittens too--nowhere NEAR as fabulous of course, but you know, together, we can put the fear of God in these Americans in a snowball fight!

  4. I totally love the prayer-like pose! haha! you crack me up!