Sunday, November 22, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Bag #11!!! The Flower Power Black Strap Bag with the pink flower.

Good Choice Voters!!

Here's how the votes broke down:
Bag #11 - 4 votes
Bag #7, Brown/Blue Flower Wrist Bag - 3 votes
Bag #15, Black Gym Bag - 3 votes
Bag #2, White Formal Wrist Bag - 2 votes
Bag #4, Light Green Wrist Bag - 2 votes
Bag #9, Flower Power Brown Strap Bag - 2 votes
Bag #13, Light Green Polka Dot Strap Bag - 2 votes
Bag #1, #6, #12, & #14 each received one vote.

Want to know who won the beautiful bag? Watch and find out! (Yes, I know I look awful. Please don't make fun.)

Thank you to everyone who voted. This will not be the last time I give away free stuff on my blog. This has been so much fun for me! And hopefully for you too.

If you did not win a bag, don't forget you can get one 15% percent off at with the coupon code 74860. A few people commented they would like a certain bag, but with a strap instead of a bracelet, or vice versa. Or they wanted a certain bag, but with a flower, or with the eyelet for headphones. My friend is more than welcome to take requests and customize the bag for you. Just send her a note on the "contact us" page on her website.

I have a few already on my wish list and I know I'll be giving a few of these away at Christmas. SUCH a good (and inexpensive) gift idea!! Plus, now I know which bag everyone likes. Tee Hee!


  1. Holy shiz! Is that me?! I saw the post that it said there was a winner and got a little sad because I didn't have an email saying I won or anything. So, as I sat eating my beef jerky with my chin down, I decided to watch the video anyway to see the winner announced and almost spit it out on my computer (but I wouldn't because I love my Mac) when I heard "...and the winner is: deanna! Yea deanna!"
    I rock. NO you rock!
    Drop it off at my ma' on postage.
    Woot! Woot!

  2. PS I just watched the video again. When you asked "could it be you?" I said YES! Happiest part of my day so far!

  3. Ha Ha, yeah, I posted the video, but was too tired to do anything else. Where does your mom live? Send me a message on Facebook if you don't want to post it here. Or does Tom know where she lives?

    Tom laughed when you won because he's says you win everything.