Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Husband: The Closet Twilight Fan

I am not a Twi-hard. Let me get that out right now. But I enjoy the books and being able to talk about them with friends and family - and even perfect strangers.

T.B. Harker has always teased me about the books and my excitement over the movies.

That is...until now.

A few months ago, we were on our way to a wedding reception in Ogden, a good hour away, and T.B. Harker asked if we could listen to his audiobook. I agreed, reluctantly, because I didn't know what the book was.

He hooked up his iPod, and to my astonishment, found out he was half-way through the first Twilight book. I was SHOCKED. This is the man who's been teasing ME for years!

My hubby's excuse? He wanted to be more educated when he made fun of Twilight.

Not convinced? I didn't believe him either. And now I am outing him.

On Halloween, we drove to St. George, 4 hours from where we live. T.B. was already on the second book. We listened to "New Moon" the whole way there and back! I was in heaven! My hubby even has opinions about what's going on in the books. He is NOT a passive listener!

T.B. even offered to pre-purchase tickets to "New Moon" for us weeks before it came out! Yes, my husband OFFERED to see the Twilight movie WITH ME! People were shocked to find out T.B. Harker was taking me to the movie, saying he was getting "major husband points." Yeah right. He was equally excited to see the movie, he just hid better.

I asked Tom a few weeks ago if he was "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob". He said he was "Team Victoria." In case you don't know, Victoria is the vampire who's trying to kill everyone.

We're in St. George again for Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful the truth is finally coming out.

We started listening to "Eclipse" on the way down, and I discovered what side T.B. is REALLY on.

My hubby is "Team Edward".

My hubby thinks Bella is an idiot in every book, but especially in the third for wanted to spend time with Jacob even when she's in a serious relationship with Edward. I think Edward comes across as controlling and over-protective. I am Team Jacob, at least, until the fourth book when it become irrelevant.

So what does this say about my husband? Do you think he's doing all this for me? So we have another topic of discussion? Or do you think he is really enjoying himself and is a secret "Twi-hard?"

Either way, I'm LOVING it!

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  1. So, what you're saying is, when you and I were discussing the books/movies, Tom was really listening in the WHOLE TIME! :) So funny. And also pretty great that he even knows what the craze is all about.

    But also, Team Jacob? Come now...