Sunday, November 15, 2009

The LillyMae Bag

A friend of mine makes these ADORABLE bags. They're called LillyMae Bags and I love them!

The idea behind them is they're small enough to fit everything you need - hands free. She has them perfectly measured to fit ANY cell phone, plus your cards and money.

There's two kinds: the wrist bag and the waist bag. The wrist bag hangs on your wrist by a cute beaded bracelet. Perfect for a night on the town!

The waist bag doubles as a shoulder bag and is equally cute. The strap is even adjustable. Here's my friend modeling her bag for me. She calls these her bags made for moms by a mom (she has four kids.)

She started making the bags just for herself, but everyone started wanting them, and voila, a business was born. She even has a website where you can now buy her bags! Her prices are super reasonable considering she makes them herself. Some day soon these bags will be in stores everywhere, but I know you don't want to wait that long. My friend said I could offer all my blogger friends a coupon for 15% off her bags! Just type in the coupon code 74860 and she'll know you got the discount through me. Before long people will say "Is that a LillyMae?" and you'll be able to say "It's my LillyMae ORIGINAL!"

As part of this super-fun arrangement, my friend said I could give a LillyMae bag away FOR free on my blog. The only problem is I couldn't decide which one to pick, she has soooo many cute bags to choose from!

So here's the deal. I'm going to post a picture of each bag, with a corresponding number. I want you to VOTE for the one you like best and want me to give away for free. Everyone who votes will be entered into a draw for the winning bag. Easy enough right? Voting will end next Sunday at noon Mountain time, and the winner will be posted Sunday night.

I expect men to vote too. LillyMae Bags would make a great gift for your wife or daughter.

I tried to take some artsy photos. Hope you like them. Click on the photo to make it larger. (Yes I have plastic on my stairs. Don't make fun.)

Ready? Here we go! Sorry about the weird layout, it didn't work out a well as I'd hoped.

1. Black/Red Paisley Wrist Bag

2. White Fomal Wrist Bag

3. Satin Brown/Blue Wrist Bag

4. Light Green Wrist Bag

5. Pink/Brown Wrist Bag

6. Brown Polka Dot Wrist Bag

7. Brown/Blue Flower Wrist Bag (I really like the beads on this wrist bag)

8. Brown/ Blue Polka Dot Wrist Bag

9. Flower Power Brown Strap Bag (I personally LOVE the ones with flowers)

10. Brown/Blue Polka Dot Strap Bag

11. Flower Power Black Strap Bag

12. Blue Polka Dot Strap Bag (Still needs the strap)

13. Light Green Polka Dot Strap Bag

14. Orange Flower Strap Bag

15. Last but not least, the Black Gym Waist Bag. This is one of my favorites, and one I will be buying from my friend. When I go to the gym, I have no pockets and I end up sticking my iPod in my pants and carrying around my cell phone like an idiot (and forgetting it almost every time on the treadmill.) This is the perfect answer to that problem. See the industrial eyelet? That's for your headphones. Brilliant! See? --------->

So leave your vote for your favorite bag in the comments section. If you live in Canada, no worries, I will find a way to get you the bag if you win. If you vote and I don't already know your address, you must be willing to provide it if you win. If you don't provide it in a timely manner, you forfeit your prize and it will go to someone else.

Happy Voting!!


  1. extreeeemly difiicult to pick from, but my heart is leaning towards number 11... Uhm, i am amazed that she makes those herself! I'm amazed, never would i be able to do such a thing... you can tell her I'm jealous.

  2. number 15 all the way! I am loving the gym bag idea!

  3. Hi Lesli,

    Cute blog! I'm going to vote for #9.

    Davina :)

  4. #4 - what a great idea! You sure boomed into the blog department!

  5. #15, the black gym waist bag. It's unisex so would be great for either a guy or a gal!

  6. I like #7. And I also think #15 is genius--I didn't know she did that style--one day when I go to the gym again, I am totally getting that one. Sweet for you for thinking to do this, and double sweet to do a giveaway!

  7. I like #1 (and 11, and 15, but #1 gets my vote). I hope your friend appreciates the free market research.

  8. I vote for number 2! I bet it's the only colour purse I don't own, no, that's not true, I have a white casual purse. I love purses! I also really love #15. It totally beats the fanny pack I use! LOL! #5 would make an awesome statement piece! Can I really only vote for one? I guess my final vote goes to.... #2!

  9. YOu do not know me But I know your hubby and am friends with his sister Andrea. And I like #4 SO super cute!!! Actually they all are but I love green!!!
    Amber Dosko

  10. I am diggin on #14 this morning. :)

  11. Green #13...can it come like the gym bag one? that idea is brilliant!

  12. I want #7!

  13. Number 13 is super cute!

  14. I love #11, the flower is too cute!

  15. It's so hard to pick one, but I'll say #7. :D


  16. They are all cute but #7 is adorable!

  17. I like #5. They are so hard to choose from.

  18. Do you think she'd still make #11? It's not on her website anymore. :o(

  19. Or #9. Similar... I guess I like 9 better.