Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The self-proclaimed T.V. critic

I work at a T.V. station. This means 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, there are 5 televisions in front of me, each on a different station. So when the four major networks roll out their new fall shows, some of them are bound to catch my eye.

I won't play favorites here. Just because I work for an NBC affiliate, doesn't mean I only watch NBC shows. The only bias I have is comedies over dramas. I'm a sucker for a good sitcom.

The following are more like rants than critiques, but hey, it's my blog, my rules.

First up: "Glee"

This new show on Fox gets credit for being original...sort of. It's High School Musical - with soap-opera drama. It's American Idol - with more dancing. It's Degrassi - with singing.

You'd think a show with all this would be a gold mine, but too bad the acting sucks. It's as if they took all the crappy extras from "Hero's". I counted 4 "Hero's" rejects in the first episode.

Some of the songs I enjoy, others just make me feel REALLY awkward, like when the glee teacher himself sings.
For example: Bust-a-move

As much as the acting is disappointing, I will keep watching. What can I say? When a teenager gets pregnant, I'm glued. I'm a sucker for teenage soap operas. That, and I need to keep up on the gossip for when I talk on the phone with V. Pigeon. It's WAY more interesting than our own lives. But still, some good actors would make this show a million times better.

I will say one thing, if the glee teacher doesn't end up with the guidance councilor, I'm going to be really mad. I mean, his wife is FAKING her pregnancy! How stupid can the husband be? Oh, and the fact the football hero actually thinks he got his girlfriend pregnant even though they never had sex? I mean plu-eeeze! Teenagers aren't that stupid right?

Next up, ABC's "Modern Family".

The show definitely has it's moments. It's based on three families. The grandfather and his hot new Columbian wife (and her 10-year-old son). The grandfather's daughter, her husband and their three kids. They're the only "normal" family in the show. And then there's the grandfather's son, and his gay partner. They just adopted an Asian baby named Lily.

The gay couple makes it a little Liberal for some people, so I usually don't have anyone to talk to about this show. But it's the show I find myself quoting the most. It has an "Office" type feel where the characters talk to a camera away from the scene.

Here's a preview.

Then there's NBC's "Community".

You may recognize the main actor, Joel McHale, from E!'s "The Soup". He's probably a little funnier there. Stand up is his element, but he doesn't make a bad actor. His character's name is Jeff.

The show is set at Greendale Community College. Jeff is forced to go back after the legal firm he's working for realises he doesn't have a real law degree. He's a con artist. Gets what he wants just by talking, except for the girl he likes, that is.

The character who makes the show for me is Abed. He's the Indian student who becomes friends with Jeff. He super talkative and quirky. I LOVE him.

Here's an little snippet for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. Chevy Chase is the surprise actor in this show. I'm too young to have appreciated much of his earlier work, but he seems alright! LOL!

And last but not least, my FAVOURITE new show. CBS's "Accidentally on Purpose".

Remember Dharma and Greg? I never really watched that show, but Jenna Elfman totally makes this show for me! She's plays Billie, an almost middle-aged woman who works as a movie critic. She goes to the bar one night, picks up a much younger man, and voila, finds herself pregnant. Since she's nearing the end of her fertile years, she decides to keep the baby... and the father. Turns out the father is living in his van, so she invites him to live with her, as roommates, nothing more. When he declines, saying, "I don't want to complicate your life," she says "Why stop now?" That's one of my fav lines so far.

Billie is one of those main characters who's funnier than all the rest of the characters combined. I think she's the only one who has a real hold on who her character is. It seems the other characters are still finding their "niche". Except for the pot head character, that is. I mean, that character doesn't take a brain surgeon. I can't tell you how much I love this show.



  1. I ADORE Modern Family. The gay couple might be my favorite. The end.

  2. I actually found myself liking Glee, despite myself, because I LOVE the actress who plays the cheer coach. But the overwhelming political views were annoying to me, and AGREED on the uncomfortable teacher singing.

    And along that political wavelength, that's why I haven't got into Modern Family, even though what I've seen of it is funny. I'm just annoyed with Hollywood portraying EVERY FAMILY as having a gay member. Statistically not true and getting really old (can't they pursue any fresh ideas of family?)

  3. i love glee ^^
    dunno why though. im a sucker for horrible shows, like 90210, defying gravity and such. meh. boredom is boredom.