Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sunday: Embrace Life

This is the most moving and effective seat-belt campaign you will ever see.

My Ad-nalysis?
If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you're a heartless person.
The end.

Just kidding. You know I wouldn't leave you hanging.

It's such a simple concept.
You know it didn't cost much to create.
And it's effective.
Those alone are factors of the perfect commercial.

It has an emotional connection. Who doesn't have a family who wants you to be safe in the car? Putting a child in the commercial is also brilliant. I love that's she's missing a tooth and wearing fairy wings. She's a real kid. The whole family looks real. No supermodels here. It definitely makes the ad relatable.

Facial expressions. Watch the commercial again and pay close attention to the facial expressions. Some are so subtle, but they tell the whole story. I love these actors.

The camera moves and editing. Perfect. I can just imagine how long this commercial took to edit. There's slow-motion, fast slow-motion, real time, more slow-motion. But it's all timed perfectly.

Finally, did you know this was a campaign made for the U.K?
I love that no matter where you live, no matter what language you speak, you will understand this commercial. It's so wide-reaching.
Do you know how many views this video has?
Nearly 7 million.
You know people around the world are watching it.

Are you going to wear your seat belt today?


  1. I'm heartless. But I liked the music. :)

  2. aweeeeeeeee <3
    i like the wing on the girl, thats cute.
    now every time i put my seat belt on, im gonna feel like the car is giving me a hug

  3. I LOVE this commercial. It totally gave me a lump in my throat. SMART.