Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Camera - New Look!

Last week Tom bought us an anniversary gift.
(It's not our anniversary yet but Tom gave it to me early because apparently I ruined the surprise.)
It's a Digital SLR camera, a Canon T2i.
It's AMAZING! 18 Megapixels and it takes FULL HD video.
As you probably know, I'm kinda of a picture freak. I ALWAYS have my camera with me and I take pictures everywhere!
And seriously, what kind of Utah blogger would I be if I wasn't into photography??
(Image borrowed from

These are the first photos taken with our new camera. Yoda makes a wonderful subject.

Pretty sweet right?
Check out my test video. You can play it in full HD if your computer can handle it.
(Yes, I realize it's a pretty random, and even gross video, but try to see past that and enjoy the QUALITY. The sweet, sweet quality...)

I know there's lots of room for improvement so I've decided to take photography classes.
Tom's sister just finished a round of classes from a guy in her ward. She's already really good, so I'm going to take classes from the same guy. I start next month.

On a related subject, I just got highlights in my hair for the first time ever!
BEFORE:AFTER:All these hair pictures were taken with our new camera.
The girl who did my hair is in Tom's sister's ward. Her name is Annie. Turns out Annie is married to the guy I'm going to take photography classes from.
Random right?
Want more before and after shots?
Yes, I realize these pictures make me look psycho and vain, but can you blame me? I had a new camera to play with!

Annie does hair out of her home, and we didn't get started until 8:30 at night. Three hours later we were finally done! Therefore, the "after" pictures were taken just before midnight, so that's why they aren't too flattering. I was pretty tired.

I took more pictures this morning with better light and fresh makeup!
This is a completely new look for me!
I really, REALLY love it.
Seriously, these pictures don't even do it justice!

Thanks Annie for the great haircut!
Thanks Tom for the new camera! (He says it's "ours", but we all know who he really bought it for...)
And finally, *sniff* I'd like to thank my mother and father *sniff, sniff*, for giving me such good hair genes. *bows graciously and walks off the stage*


  1. Your hair looks great! And hurray for the new camera! Go lady go!

  2. you look H-O-T! Those layers are fantastic. I have developed a small ulcer over those lighter pieces. we must fix them.
    Cute blog! I will be seeing you soon, eh?

  3. I seriously almost barfed watching that video of Yoda LICKING YOUR TOES. SICK.
    Cute hair.
    Nice camera.

  4. I suspect you still had a lot of salt on your toes from the 'daily sweat'. On the other hand, Tom was 'fresh out of the tub' so had no tasty salt left. 'Salt licks' are a common site on ranches where large blocks of salt are placed in strategic locations for the livestock (both domestic and wild).

    Love the hair. It'll help you get used to the effect of 'gray hairs' when they start to grow in.

    Fun toy too! Will be looking forward to cute videos of your two-legged offspring when they arrive!!!?????

  5. HAHAHAHA! Dad is sooo funny!


    And I can't beleive you got highlights! I'm disowning you! I thought we had agreed to both keep the natural look, since we do have incredible hair genes! But, the cut is absolutely FANTASTIC! I love it!