Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sunday: Yep, it's a Tampon Commercial

But it's the BEST tampon commercial you'll ever see!

Trust me guys, you'll like it too.

I had some girls over this week to play cards and watch So You Think You Can Dance. We were hardly paying attention to the T.V., and then this commercial came on.

We were all mesmerized.
Before the commercial was even over we were laughing our heads off.
My friends and I looked at each other and expressed the same thought.
This was going to be my next blog post.

I've watched this commercial so many times I can almost quote the whole thing.
My favorite lines?
"You can relate to me because I'm racially ambiguous."
"Market research shows girls like you love girls like me."
"Do all these angles make me seem dynamic?"
"I'm wearing white pants!"

This commercial is sooooo refreshing. I love that they openly reveal advertising secrets. It's very true that "female-product" commercials all look the same and are indeed obnoxious. By making fun of their industry, Kotex sets itself apart.

The actress is perfect. Not only is she perfect because she's "believably attractive" (hot, but not too hot) and "racially ambigious", but she's also a cheerleader, she can kick-box, and can blow on a dandelion. And we all know those activities require mad skills!

The tag line of this campaign is also clever. "Break the Cycle." It applies to annoying commercials and the annoying monthly visitor.

That's all for now, I gotta go to the store to buy these tampons...and white pants.

P.S. Here's another commercial in the "Break the Cycle" campaign. It's good but not AS good.


  1. I'll represent all guys here: I didn't love it. Just another ew-gross-don't-want-to-think-about-it tampon commercial.

  2. I actually love both commercials, and maybe the second one a teensie bit more--although I have to give props to the first girl's sweat band--so true to life, right? :)

    And seriously, the blue liquid? Come on guys. We all know it's really grey...uh...right?

  3. They are both awesome. Not sure why I haven't seen these on TV?!?!?!? I'm quite impressed and I do find that I relate to both racially ambiguous women. Well done, Tampon people.

    I also agree with APJD above - the blue liquid comment is hilarious!!!!!!

  4. I was about to ask if you'd seen the other one and then you had it at the bottom. Isn't it HILARIOUS!?!?! Way to go Kotex!