Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Sweeps 2010

Sweeps is here...again...
I guess I should get used to the idea they will never stop coming, but one can dream.

Sweeps occurs four times a year. This is when TV ratings matter. Our newscasts have to beat the competition so we can get the most advertising dollars.

But to be honest, sweeps isn't that bad.
We get free lunch to kick off the "book" (another term for sweeps).
We get really awesome news stories to promote.
We sometimes get treats throughout sweeps.
We get lunch and prizes to celebrate the end of the book.

Okay, most of what's good about sweeps has to do with food.

Plus, I get to show off my amazing promos!

If this promo doesn't make you angry, the story will.

Our investigative team has done their homework on this one (as usual). I don't want to give it away, but just know they stalked several parking lots, several times a day, for WEEKS to see who was using the stalls. The results were shocking.

Watch this Thursday on KSL 5 News at 10.
As usual, I will post a link to the story once it's aired.

*UPDATED: Here's the story.

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  1. Funny--I kind of ignored the video at first because I was waiting for the commercial to be over... and then I remembered that's what I was supposed to be watching! lol

  2. What a wasted opportunity! The State could easily recoup their lease costs by selling the parking spaces on a daily basis to employees of private companies! Done elsewhere, why not SLC? By the way, $100/month is about the LEAST one would pay for a slot in downtown Ottawa, Ontario!