Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sunday: Stanley Steemer

You may completely disagree with me on this one...
But whatever, it's my blog.

I thought this commercial was adorable!

The first time I saw it, I was laughing, and couldn't stop saying "I could have saved this one!"
It still cracks me up.

You'll notice a pattern in most of these ad-nalysis blogs. I like simple commercials. Simple is always better. And this Stanley Steemer commercial is no exception.

Lines in this commercial:
Guys talking about "Berber carpet"
Driver says "No!"
Driver says "Why??"
Driver says "I could have saved this one!" twice.
End with Stanley Steamer jingle.

Less than 30 words in a 30 second commercial.

You never forget that this is a commercial for a carpet cleaner. It's right on brand.
You know that jingle. It gets stuck in your head.
The commercial as a whole gets stuck in your head. I only had to see it once to know I would end up blogging about it.

But if you DO disagree, if you think this commercial is dumb or cheesy, let me know.
I'm not afraid to take you on.

My Dad (Ted) brought up a good point. I didn't even realize Steamer was actually spelled STEEMER. (You can always count on my Dad to pick out my blog typos.)

After some research, here's why the company spells their name differently.
"Did you ever wonder why "Steemer" is spelled with two "E's"? When the original steam cleaning equipment was operating, it reminded Bates of the old Stanley Steamer steam powered automobile. He liked the name, so he made it his own with a slight spelling variation to make it unique."


  1. Smart commercial. Me likey. Hope the finale was a goodie. Thanks for fattening me and the fam!

  2. Is the misspelling of 'steamer' ("Steemer") significant? You used 'steamer'. The commercial used 'steemer'.
    [Jingle: "Call 1-800-STEEMER"]
    The jingle wouldn't get you the right number if you dialed 1-800-STEAMER!