Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sunday: Swagger Wagon

Earlier this week, there was an ad for this video on YouTube. The video is an ad in itself, in the form of a music video.

Like I said last week, nothing like a viral video to get your message across.

Take a look.

So appropriate for Mother's Day right!! I love it!
The first time I watched this video, I laughed so hard I cried.
I was at work, so that was kind of embarrassing. Right in the middle of my tear fest, my boss walked in. :S

It's a rap video but instead of falling money, it's falling diapers!
Instead of gold chains, it's soothers!
No over-sized speakers, just a baby monitor.
No scantily-clad dancers, just adorable kids! The kids totally make this video for me.
I think the jello-mold part was where I started crying, because, helloooo, I live in Utah. That screams "Utah mom"!

Favorite line: "Where my mother-fathers at?" Admit it, you thought she was going to swear!
Favorite part: When the dad throws all the tea-party stuff off the table. He's such a rebel! LOL!
I could go on and on about what I love about this video...buuuuuut I hate long blog posts.

Does this video make the mini-van cool again? Not a chance.
But if your family needs a mini-van - and you can handle the stereo-types and laugh at yourself like the family in this video - then by all means, go for it. You're the target audience. I'm sure this video makes the buying process a little less painful.


  1. That movie is totally us. I obviously don't want to be driving a van, but it works for us. I totally thought she was going to swear! Have you seen the other commercials they've done? I love the one where the Dad is complaining about the kids playing and not working like he is. That is sooo my husband! :)

  2. LOVE IT! I'm going to turn up the volume and listen again!

  3. That was great. What about when the dad squeezes the nipple on the bottle. He's my favorite.

  4. lol i loved it. very cute. :)

  5. Love the jiggling jello!
    Much better than the normal rap videos with the jiggling jugs! HAHAHA!

  6. I hadn't seen this til now--so great!