Sunday, May 1, 2011

Move Over Kate Middleton!

I was triple-dog-dared to wear a "royal hat" to work on Friday.
You know, in honor of the royal wedding.

So I went out in search of the perfect "hat".
Preferably with feathers like Kate Middleton wears.

Check out what I found!

Is it perfect or is it perfect!
I found it on CLEARANCE at Claires for FIVE DOLLARS!!!
And yes, I wore it the entire day at work.
I got lots of funny looks, but I think I was more suprized by the coworkers who looked at me and didn't bat an eye, like this is how I look every day.

While many people call these headpieces "hats", they're actually called fascinators.
The perfect term if you ask me.

Here are some of the awesome/crazy fascinators worn to the royal wedding.
(This is mostly for my parents who I'm guessing haven't seen these already.)

Love them or hate them, these princesses know how to make a statement!

And my fav fascinator, worn by forever Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham.

Bottom line is I'm officially obsessed with fascinators.
But they aren't the kind of thing you can wear just anywhere.
So everyone join with me to convince my sister, Victoria, to make fascinators mandatory at her wedding in September.

Maybe like this one?

Yeah, I could rock that.


  1. I love the blue canoe-looking one that also kind of looks like girly anatomy hahaha!

  2. No way Jose! Just look at Diana's dress that was inspired by the fashion of the day. When looking back on it now, it looks like a poofy, wrinkled monstrosity! The only way to style a wedding is with classic patterns and demure looks. However, if you wish to look back at the pictures of yourself with humour and a twinge of regret, it's your choice! Lol!

  3. You already know how I LOVE these....but I've never hesitated to put feathers in my hair!

  4. We were just talking about the wedding hats in our staff room - and then I saw your blog! Great fascinator btw-you look styln'! Did you get up at 3 am to watch the wedding?

  5. Most of those ladies look like they are trying out for Star Wars &/or Alice in Wonderland, if you ask me.