Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is how you throw a Fondue Party.

Every month my three best Utah friends and I (with our husbands) get together for a dinner party!
I say "best Utah friends" because I don't want to offend my best friends back home and because these girls will give me crap if I don't give them the title they deserve.

This is our fourth dinner party, but my first time hosting.
The host gets to decide the "theme" of the party and then we all coordinate what to bring.

I decided to throw a FONDUE dinner party!

This is Gaby at the cheese fondue, our appetizer.
This was Ashley's contribution. She brought the fondue pot, the cheese fondue ingredients (we put it together at my house), and the stuff to dip in the cheese fondue.

Mallory at the cheese fondue.
I don't know if any of us had ever made or even eaten cheese fondue before, but it turned out great! It was so delicious I almost forgot to save room for everything else.

Then we had a fondue pot with peanut oil to cook steak and pork in.
This was what I was in charge of.

There's the meat frying in the fondue pot.
It smelled soooo good!

I also made five dips for the meat fondue.
I knew I wouldn't remember what was what, so I made a little flag for each one.

Mallory was in charge of dessert because she has a chocolate fountain!
Gaby helped bring some fruit and stuff for dipping.
We also had a little fondue pot that we used for white chocolate.

Before we even started eating, Mallory got some chocolate on herself.
Next time, I'm making bibs mandatory.
This is Ashley. She's hiding the chocolate stain on her shirt with her hair.
Mallory and me.
Yes, that's chocolate on her nose.
Mallory and Beck.
Beck's the only child allowed at our dinner parties.
That is, until my friends have more kids.

The husbands enjoying our hard work.
I like this picture because you can see all the fondue pots and the crazy mess we made in my kitchen.

And last, but not least.
A cute picture of Mallory and Beck.
It was too funny not to include.

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