Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo Shoot for Mother's Day

My friend Mallory wanted some pictures of her son for mother's day so guess who she came to!

These are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot.

Kids can't fake emotions like that! I love how candid this is!

Beck is super curious. We caught him trying to see into this wooden shed.

His curiousness also led him to these "flowers".
This was the first time he's ever blown the seeds off a dandelion.

Beck blowing/spitting on the dandelion.

Beck had to leave for a while, but Clark Kent came in his place.

Or should I say SUPER BECK!
(What the backwards foot?)

Even super-heroes need to relax under a tree sometimes.

I love a mom who isn't afraid to lie down in the weeds for a cute picture with her son.

And here's one of just Mallory.
Beck's about to get a little brother or sister!
(This is a preview of my next post.)


  1. What great pics, Lesters! Cute idea with the superman thing!

  2. that girl is adorable...can i have her outfit and maybe you to take great pictures of me too??