Sunday, May 8, 2011

My New Twin Nieces!

This is my sister-in-law Emilie just a few days before she gave birth to TWINS!

As soon as they were home from the hospital, Tom and I had to go make sure we were the favorite uncle and aunt right off the bat. (Complete with a pocket full of candy for the other SEVEN KIDS!)

Tom holding Aurora.

Me holding Aurora and Ella.
They're both sooo small! If I remember correctly, they were just over 6 lbs.

To tell Aurora apart from her twin sister Ella, they painted her toenails!
Such a cute idea!!

Here's Ella's foot in my hand.

I can tell Ella already likes me, she wouldn't let go of my finger!

My crazy adorable niece Clara holding Ella.

Tom Holding Aurora. She definitely has the Harker face.

Me holding Aurora and Ella again.

Mathieu holding Aurora.

Mom holding Ella.

Clara carrying Ella. She LOVES carrying the babies around.

We caught a little smile from Aurora!

No babies in this picture, but I needed to show what inevitably happens every time we go to Dustin and Emilie's. The kids will attack Tom until he captures them and makes them his "prisoners". It's always a fun game. Plus Tom doesn't actually have to get off the couch to play.

Ayden holding Ella.
I remember when Ayden looked a lot like this when he was born. Minus the bows.

Clara holding Aurora and little Camille...poking her??
HA HA! That's something I didn't notice until I was looking through the pictures later.


  1. RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!!! The other kids are adorable too! I love new babies...they're just so tiny! So sweet.

  2. Poking her in the EYE it looks like! That picture will come back to haunt her!

  3. Lesli - you took the best pictures! Thank you for posting on your blog - the babies are beautiful, and it was fun to see the other kids, too!

  4. So great to see the babies! Love the pic of Ella with her mama.