Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unintentional Prank

My hubby left these cookies on the kitchen table yesterday.
When I got home from work I did what any normal person would do and I ate one.
When Tom got home hours later he said, "Oh by the way, don't eat those cookies on the table."
I said: "Oh, oops!"
Tom: "Did you eat one?"
Lesli: "Yeah."
Tom: "They're dog biscuits!!"
(Tom proceeds to laugh hysterically.)

I completely blame Tom for this one. I mean, they look like cookies right? They're even cream filled!
They didn't taste good, but they weren't disgusting either. I just thought it was a bad no-name cookie with a hint of peanut butter.

I know I need to learn to laugh at myself, so I posted the picture and what happened on Facebook.
Bad idea.
I've been the brunt of several jokes today at work.
The best one probably came from my boss.
One of the first things he did today was bring me a bowl of water and place it on the floor beside beside my desk.
Later, he reminded my coworker to take me for a afternoon walk.

I'm so mad, I could bite them all.

But, Tom is lucky and will get off the hook because because today is our 4th anniversary.
As a present, I've decided to forgive him.


  1. I hate it when I think of really funny comment that is just too inappropriate to post.

  2. I've probably told 5 people this story here. Thank you. Good girl!