Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tulip Festival

Every year in Ottawa there's a huge tulip festival. There are tulips ALL over downtown.
Utah has a tulip festival too, but it's only at one location.

These are the pictures I took at Utah's Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.
It was a fun date, but it made me kinda homesick.

We snuck Yoda into the tulip festival.

This is the first picture where I've experimented with a white vignette. I like it and think I'll be using it more often.

Below is the same picture without the vignette so you can compare.
This was a cool-looking structure.
But the coolest part about it is the pictures you can get when you shoot straight into to the sky.

I took this picture and turned it into two more while playing with it Photoshop.
The End.

Tell me which picture you like best.


  1. my faves: the two extra photo shop goodies (the roof circle off center with the blue sky)