Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Modeling Debut

Every day I make a commercial for Studio 5 with hosts Brooke Walker and Darin Adams. By "make" I mean I write, shoot, and edit the promo. They're not very fancy or time-consuming like some of my other projects, but they're ALWAYS fun - just like the show!

Yesterday we needed video of someone wearing jewelry. Brooke suggested I model the jewelry, and Darin could shoot it.

No big deal right?

Wrong! Since I had to edit the promo myself, I had to watch the video of me over and over again. I can't tell you how many flaws popped into my head! I don't think a promo has EVER been so hard to edit!

I tried to be objective and imagine it was someone else. That made it easier, but I still cringe every time I see the promo come on T.V.

I think I'll leave "professional model" off my resume for now.


  1. STOP IT! You look GREAT! I love the jewelry too!
    Woop woop! You're a model!
    I'm so honored to know you!

  2. You are so famous now. I am excited to know you!

  3. I'm soooo proud!!!! *sniff sniff

  4. I thought it looked great! And even better in HD!!!!! You are gorgeous and are an awesome model!