Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first day as a Redneck

Don't I look good as a Redneck? That's my hubby's rusty pickup truck and his new Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge shotgun. But our story doesn't start here.

Tom has wanted a shotgun since we got married. But I work in TV news. Almost every day there is a shooting somewhere. The worst stories are of accidental shootings. Kids shooting kids. Or a fiancé accidentally shot by his future father-in-law.

I did NOT want a gun in my house.

My attitude softened when there were three major earthquakes less than three months. It Utah, most of us live along the Wasatch Front. Also know as a HUGE FAULT LINE! There could be an earthquake here any moment.

In the case of a natural disaster, we need protection.

Tom found a REALLY good deal on for a shotgun, so I caved (after some negotiation).

This morning, Tom took me shooting for the first time in Payson. Every year his friend Nick holds "Nick-a-palooza", a shooting competition.
This is me holding the gun this morning. I couldn't hold it far enough away from my body.
This is Tom.
Tom, is that a gun in your pocket...?
Our brother-in-law Aaron looking too cool for school. They'll let anyone shoot as these things.
Even children. (She's shooting a bb gun.)
At "Nick-a-palooza" there's lots of food...
...Lots of guns....
...And lots of men with guns (and a couple girls)!
The view was also AMAZING!

Here is a video of my first time shooting a shotgun. For the record, I was seriously nervous, and when I say "Do I look good?", I don't mean "Do I look good for the camera", I mean, am I holding the gun right?

You can't tell, but I had my eyes closed when I pulled the trigger. Proooooobably not a good habit to get into.
Then I shot a 22. That was WAY easier! I even hit a few targets.

Then I started getting the hang of things.

Tom's already a pro.

This is Nick. For the first time in five years of "Nick-a-palooza", Nick won the grand prize.
I'd like to thank my super-hot hubby for this new experience. I enjoyed my first day as a hick. And to be perfectly honest, I'm glad we now own a gun (but I will deny saying that.)

P.S. Yes, my shoulder hurts.


  1. Isn't it so much fun being a red neck? LOL I love it, and I feel the same as you, kinda scared, but love having a gun...or two. :)

    Did you go shooting out by Saratoga Springs?

  2. Maybe I wouldn't mind owning a know...for protection. ;)

    We went to Payson to shoot at the side of a mountain.

  3. Cool! Yes, you guys are naturals at it. I've went and shot guns before and I was WAY nervous, they are so loud and powerful. That's cool you over came one of your fears, you go girl!! I will call you if I need you to protect us, okay? jk

  4. A) You are way too put together to look like a redneck.

    B) Love that you can still look all pink and girly when shootin' yourself some good times.

    C) I will not be bringing my children to Nickapalooza. (but secretly, I think it looks fun. and scary.) :)

  5. Chip off the old block! I had my own 12 guage when I was a lot younger than you. Dad & I used to shoot at the ducks in the Fall to keep them from stamping all the grain out of the wheat swaths on our farm.

    If you hold the stock TIGHT against your shoulder, it absorbs the kick better and you don't get the bruising. (A shoulder pad also helps.) Do you have a recoil pad on the back of the stock? That helps too. :Dad

  6. I can't believe you caved!!!!! Being a hick is pretty fun though.

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