Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sundays: Add Old Spice to the Grocery List

Because I want my man to smell like this:

He tells you to look away, but you couldn't could you!

This is originally a Superbowl commercial, and most of you have already seen it, but I couldn't NOT post this on Ad-nalysis Sunday. After last week's post, a few people said the Big Red commercial reminded them of this Old Spice commercial, especially when they sing "You'll watch YouTube on a horse."

What is it with horses in commercials these days, and why are they so darn funny? I supposed it makes the ads gallop into our hearts!

What really makes this commercial is the star actor, former Seattle Seahawk, Isaiah Mustafa, and his amazing delivery in ONE take!

Even Oprah took notice! Last Friday, Mr. Old Spice himself was on her show. Since the commercial came out, he's auditioned for a Tom Hanks movie, television pilots and Tyler Perry's upcoming film Colored Girls.

Oprah surprised Mr. Spice with a message from Tyler Perry himself, saying he got the job! How exciting!

Hopefully you learned something new from this week's Ad-nalysis, even if you've seen the commercial before. And if at least one one person sees this ad for the first time on my blog, my work is done! (I'm guessing that one person is probably my mom.)

Be sure to come back every week for Ad-nalysis Sundays!


  1. I have not seen that commercial...and I'm not your Mom! LOL

    I love it!

  2. Oh boy! I need some Old Spice now! (Actually, I made my boyfriend start using Old Spice deodorant when we first met, and strangely enough, he sort of looks like that!)

  3. Natalie CrydermanApril 7, 2010 at 6:09 AM

    I hadn't seen it. But then again, I watch all my TV on the Internet these days, and they only have one commercial on during commercial breaks, usually the same one over again.

  4. I LOVE this commercial. I stop zipping through the DVR to watch it, and that is saying something.