Friday, April 16, 2010

The Hubby's Life

My hubby is a masters student.
He is "mastering" the art of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Don't read into this. We do not have marriage and family problems. My husband is just a psychology nut and likes helping people.

Other people in his class, however, think because they've had SERIOUS marriage and family problems, they are shoe-ins to be therapists.

He comes home with pretty good stories of all the "crazies" in his classes.

Like the time a girl asked a gay guy if he could be attracted to straight men.
Like the time someone wrote "I don't know what the answer is" in a RESEARCH paper.

Some of the best stories have come out of T.B.'s latest class: Human Sexuality.
This is the textbook:

Yep, that's a zipper made of people. I couldn't' stop laughing when he brought that home.

(And now when you see this book at our house, you won't give us grossed out looks.)

The stories from this class aren't appropriate for a family blog.
I'm trying to keep things PG, you know?

Did I mention my hubby is the smartest person in his classes? I'm so proud.
Brains are hot.


  1. that's one funny text book cover!

  2. You might as well just call me TOM instead of T.B. since I make comments all the time... and so do you, lol