Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sunday: Another AT&T Shoutout

I've decided to forgive AT&T for using Luke Wilson as a spokesperson. Great Actor. Horrible phone salesman.

AT&T has redeemed itself with a series of clever commercials that speak directly to my generation and younger. But don't worry, even you older folks should be able to appreciate them.

(I wasn't going to post all five videos, but I couldn't choose a favorite! They all crack me up!)

I'm one of those people who uses my phone more for texting than I do for phone calls. I use my phone to update my Twitter. My Twitter page automatically updates my Facebook page. So when the newscaster says "This story has been confirmed via wall post", I say, yep, that's my life!

I'm not even with AT& T, and I want one of these Backflip phones. Therefore I would say these commercials are pretty effective.

I should also mention that since I work in a newsroom, I LOVE commercials that spoof the news. The actor in these commercials makes the perfect fake newscaster.

****On another note, I'm pleasantly surprised by how many people read my Sunday posts. I've gotten some really good feedback and good suggestions for future posts. If you see a clever ad, on T.V. or anywhere else, let me know! If I write about your ad, I'll make sure you get a shoutout.

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  1. I thought this was a really funny ad--and I had no idea there were so many of them!

    And I also agree on the sadness of Mr Wilson not performing well on commercials.