Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tom and I originally decided to skip the non-religious side of Easter this year (didn't need the extra calories)....

But then Tom invited FIVE nephews (10 years old and younger) to sleep over Friday night...

So I caved.
We ate lots of pizza!And played with Tom's massive collection of GI Joes (for hours)!

We also played video games and watched movies. I went to bed at 11:30 p.m. and all the boys were STILL up. We figured if we let the boys stay up late, they would let us sleep in on Saturday morning. That DIDN'T work. The boys were up at 7 a.m.

On Saturday morning we had an Easter Egg hunt! My first experience as the Easter Bunny!
Finn was able to come over to join in on the fun!Sawyer with his eggs.Dillon with his Eggs.
Jarom with his eggs.Milo with his Eggs. I love the pose!

I tried to get a picture of everyone, but I missed Ammon with his eggs.

My biggest mistake this year? I went with quality over quantity. Not smart!

I told the boys they were allow to find one big Cadbury Creme Egg, and three small Dove eggs. The kids were like "That's it???" These are not cheap-o chocolates, but as if the kids care about that.

Next year, expensive stuff for me. Cheap-o waxy junk for the kids.
But everyone still had a good time.And ate their chocolate with no complaints.
I love, love, love this picture of Finn.I had to show off Kate in her adorable Easter outfit! We're hoodie twins!

P.S. Our apologies to the parents we left tired and cranky kids with.


  1. wow! you guys are brave to have that many kids over. What a lot of work, my hat is off to you. :) Ha ha! Those treats you hid are way good treats! But as for kids, I guess I could see the slight disappointment. haha!

  2. I love the picture of the messy chocolate face. That's my life everyday! LOL

    Happy Easter!

  3. I am really sad that my boys didn't get to do this. Wah.