Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ad-nalysis Sundays: Are you a Glee Geek?

I dedicate this week's Ad-nalysis to GLEE!!!!! (Yes I know this is an awful picture of me.)

Season 2 starts THIS week and Fox has done an amazing job of getting me psyched!!!! Every time I see a promo, I want to scream in excitement!

Let's see if they can get you excited too!

I even gasped out loud when I saw this ad in one of my magazines.

Is Glee the greatest show ever created? Hardly. But it's fun, dramatic, and a perfect show to watch with the girls. We'll be having a girls night every week until the season is over. You're welcome to join the (Glee) club.

*Side note: I realize this isn't really an "analysis", but my goal with Ad-nalysis Sundays is to share the ads that I think are clever, funny or effective. These Glee ads fall into that category because they get me PUMPED!


  1. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Glee... and I'm totally a Gleek!
    Yes! So excited!

  2. Don't tell Tom, but I saw the pilot and it got me interested. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to rent the others yet.

  3. Don't tell Chris, but the closet he's in has a glass door...