Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Sad Day in the Harker Home

A horrible thing happened the other day. It was so horrible, it's hard for me to talk about. Remember the famous Olympic mittens from this blog post? I wear them EVERY day! They are one of my most-prized possessions! Well...the other day I fell asleep on the bus (as I do every day). I woke up when we were ALREADY at my stop, so I jumped up and hurried down the aisle. I even dropped my cell phone and the battery fell off. I had to hurry and pick up all the pieces. Everyone was waiting for me to get off the bus. It was very embarrassing.

When I got off the bus, I only had ONE MITTEN.

I was in shock. I ALMOST started crying, but I figured Mr. Harker would be there soon to pick me up and we could catch up to the bus. I called Mr. Harker, only to find he had been held up at work and hadn't even left yet. That's when the tears started. I was sure my mitten was gone forever.

What would I tell my Dad who worked so hard to find them for me? How would I show my Canadian pride during the Olympics? What would Stephen Harper think of me?!

Note to all the men out there: telling your wife "It's just a mitten", or "It's just a gray hair", or "It's just T.V.", is NEVER going to make the situation better.

To make matters worse, I tried calling my parents AND my sister to vent my frustration and no one answered. (Vicki, this is why I left you that angry voicemail. Tee Hee....Sorry about that.)

I'm happy to report a happy ending. I called the Lost and Found the next day and sure enough, they had my mitten. Mr. Harker picked it up for me the next day. My mittens have been reunited and I, too, am whole again.

A good thing too because my mittens have a big day ahead of them. They are about to make their television debut. Our Olympic reporter at KSL asked to borrow them for a guest appearance she's making on Studio 5 this Thursday. I hope she doesn't mind their pretty worn out with tear stains of joy.


  1. They CAN be washed, you know, if you can take them off for that long!

  2. I almost shed a single tear for the mitten

  3. The inner lining of my left mitten is already coming apart...very sad. :(

    I expect a link when they make their debut!

  4. Right mitten, geez, I'm getting old. Is it possible to be left/right blind, like colour blind?

  5. I mean the lining is coming undone in the right mitten. I guess I take it off and put it on again more than the left (everytime I need to get out my buspass).

  6. The lining on both of mine are coming undone. Should be easy enough to sew. I'm just lazy.

    P.S. Do you think you could leave any more comments?

  7. I was a very caring husband. But yes, THEY ARE only mittens. Lesli was so distraught you'd think her pet had died or something... just... a... little... bit... crazy

  8. Oh, I was so scared at the beginning of that post!

  9. Ha Ha. Sorry Andrea. Didn't mean to scare you. I guess it sounds more sarcastic in my head.

  10. Hooray for finding it! I didn't understand why you were freaking out so much, but then I read the original post about the mittens and it all became clear. PS: way to go on directing that promo! Pretty great that you got a little photoshoot of you in action.