Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friends with Benefits

Last weekend I went WAY out of my comfort zone and attended a "blogger brunch". I was afraid to go because A) I wouldn't know anyone there; B) I barely started blogging and would feel inadequate next to the "pros"; and C) I was pretty sure I would be the only non-mommy blogger there.

But the host of the brunch, Sue from Navel Gazing, really encouraged me to go and surprizingly, so did Mr. Harker. I thought for sure he would think it was lame, but get this, he actually wants me to embrace my new hobby! He even gives me idea for blog posts! What a guy!

I am so glad I went. I met a ton of awesome women through "blogger speed dating". Turns out it didn't matter I didn't have kids. As soon as I mentioned I work with Studio 5 people were interested. Some of the bloggers had even been on Studio 5 before! It gave us something to bond over.

One blogger in particular, Becca from Blue Cricket Design, is worth mentioning because she was on Studio 5 later in the week. I know we just met, but I went over to see her after her segment and she totally remembered me. She gave me a hug, acted like we were old friends, and even gave me the headband she JUST made on T.V.! I love my new friend and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new headband!

The headband matched my outfit perfectly!

Watch how Becca made it on Studio 5!


  1. Awesome! I'm sad we didn't get to really talk in real life!
    Also, I was watching KSL the other day at the gym, and I totally saw that thing you were talking about with the Lion King singing thing. I was like, WAIT, didn't I read about that on a blog?!?

  2. Pretty, pretty headband. It's like she planned it to go with your wardrobe.

  3. That is such a cute headband! And kudos on going to that brunch solo

  4. You weren't alone. I didn't know anyone there either. And I'm not a mommy blogger--more of a grandmommy blogger? Or just a generic blogger, really.

    It was wonderful meeting you and I've read everything you've posted since then. :)

  5. Karlene. You are a darling! I'm so glad our blogs have something in common!