Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mixing Work and Family

I was asked at work to make a 15 sec commercial for a Studio 5 contest. Contestants could win tickets to see The Lion King in Utah if they sent in a video of themselves singing their favorite song from the movie/broadway show.

Easy enough right? The only problem was I needed examples of home videos for the promo.

This is where my wonderful sister comes in. She has very talented kids who love to sing and act. She took several videos of her kids singing in different places in her house. It worked perfectly in the spot! I just wish I had more time to use videos and sound.

Talk about 15 seconds of fame! This spot will be running for two weeks on KSL 5 TV.

The other girl in the commercial is my friend from church. I wish I could have used her singing in the spot because she's amazing! But I didn't have time so I only showed the part where she holds her cat up like he's Simba from the Lion King. LOL! Great job guys!

Here's another promo I did for sweeps.

Here's a link to the KSL 5 News Investigates story if you're intrigued.

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  1. Holy cow Lesters I can't keep up with all your blog posts. Your promos in the previous post are great...I've seen them on TV quite a bit because yes, I am one of these who is LOVING watching the Olympics. It only happens once every couple years so you gotta soak it up I think. Also, love those pics of Kate a few posts down...her body looks like it's bending the wrong way in one of them. Also, am I disqualified from entering any KSL contests because you're my sister-in-law? Because I can sing the opening phrase of Circle of Life like nobody's business.