Monday, February 15, 2010

Babies and ROOK

This week was jam-packed with events. There was Tom's Birthday, a Wedding (Tom's Cousin), a baby blessing (our niece), and Valentine's Day!

To make this blog post a little easier I'm going to sum the week up in two words: Babies and Rook.
For his birthday, I gave my baby a couple bobbleheads from the show Dexter. He asked for them for Christmas but I tricked him and gave them to him for his birthday instead.

The day after Tom's birthday, his cousin got married. All of Tom's siblings, his parents, and extended family were in town for the wedding. Every night this weekend we took advantage of the family time by playing game after game of ROOK!We also took advantage of the opportunity to hold BABIES!

VALENTINE'S DAY!Tom made breakfast and gave me a huge box of chocolates!

I made white and pink fortune cookies. The white ones were actually a little orange and had orange flavoring in them. I got the recipe from Studio 5.
While playing ROOK, again, we drank some Martinelli's to celebrate the romantic holiday. Trust me, it's non-alcoholic, even though my father-in-law looks a little tipsy.

For more pictures, check out my Facebook album.


  1. I would like pictures of the Dexter bobbleheads!!!!

  2. Agreed, I wish I took some, but my hubby has already taken them to work where he stashes all his other nerdy possession.

  3. Those cookies look so profesh! And thanks for holding my baby!

  4. I love Rook! but I'm so rusty. We played it at every family get-together when I was growing up in KY. People out here in UT don't seem to know about it so much.

    It was great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for the follow. :)

  5. Oooo, Rook. that is an addictive game! Unfortunately, I'm very very bad at it.

  6. Those fortune cookies look delish, I'll have to try the recipe.