Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Blogging Rocks!

You know one of the things I love about blogs and blogging is GIVEAWAYS! I follow a hard-core Utah blogger on Twitter, and she tweeted about a local giveaway on someone else's blog. Are you following?

On the blog/website, they review Utah ice cream shops (of which there are a million), and other treat shops. This week they reviewed a place called the San Gelato Cafe, which looks soooo good. To enter their giveaway, I had to tell them the flavor that looks best. I am entered 5 times more if I tweet about the giveaway, and another 5 times if I put it as my Facebook status, AND yet another five times if I blog about it. (Hence this post.)

Bottom line, I could win a $25 gift card to the San Gelato Cafe. Seriously, look at the picture above and tell me that doesn't look totally worth it. (Hopefully doesn't mind I borrowed their picture.)

If you enter the contest and tell me your entered the contest in a comment HERE, I promise to share my winnings with you, if you also promise to share your winnings with me if you win. Deal? Deal.

You can enter until Friday, Feb. 5th.


  1. I entered. I want some pistacchio!

  2. Knowing your luck Deanna, you'll win for sure! Just make sure you bring me with you!