Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Cruise Part 4: At Sea

This is the last travelog you'll have to put up with. Our last full day on the cruise was at sea. I'd like to say we made the best of it, but to be honest, we were pretty lazy. We ate lots, lounged lots, and ate some more.
Classic Tom when I tell him to "smile".
Watching the sunset on the deck of our cruise ship. It was chilly so I had to cuddle up close to Tom. So romantic. *sigh*
I don't like taking pictures of just scenery. There needs to be something or someone in the picture to make it interesting. In this case, it was my feet. It really was a beautiful sunset.
At dinner, you're assigned a table and you eat with the same people every night. These are a couple of the people we ate with. A real California mom, Shalon, and her son (can't remember his name). He was your typical teenage boy. He couldn't wait to get off the ship and back to his computer. He did crack me up constantly though. He was a little trouble maker.

We had a bunch of time to kill while we waiting for a show to start, hence another foot picture. This one is a little artsy though. The only color in this picture is red. Everything else is black and white. It's a function on my camera I love playing with.
The next day we got off the boat, but still had HOURS to kill before we had to catch our flight. So we went to "The Pike". It's in downtown Long Beach and consists of a few stores and restaurants.
The fact we had to carry our luggage everywhere we went limited what we could do.
We killed a couple of hours in Borders (a book store like Chapters) where we used their free wireless internet. Four days without Facebook (and Twitter) was a bit a trial for me.
I thought this picture was funny because it looked like Tom had Palm leaves coming out of his head.
To kill the next three hours we went to see Avatar in 3D. We're still wearing our 3D glasses in this picture. I'd give it three and a half stars (out of five). It was long, and the plot was lacking, but the special effects kept me entertained.

After the movie it was finally time to go to the airport. We took public transportation, of course.

It's good to be home, but a few times after the trip, I could've sworn the ground was moving. Tom got a bad case of vertigo. He's still getting dizzy spells a few weeks later. We think it's because he had a bit of a cold while we were on the cruise.

Looking back on our trip, I would definitely do it again. It's so glamorous and romantic. And it's fun to explore new places. The cruise we did was really inexpensive considering all it included, but I'd like to think of it as a starter cruise. Next time I want to do a European cruise. Or a cruise with less kids. I wouldn't mind doing an Alaskan cruise either, but mostly because it includes parts of Canada.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our trip. Don't go too far, I still have to blog about what we got for Christmas and what we did on New Years. Maybe tomorrow?? Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, this travelogue makes me want to cruise again! I have told Chris that we ARE going somewhere in Europe for our 10 year (in 2 years, baby!), so, maybe we can cruise for part of it...? Care to join? :)

  2. Also, I'm sort of afraid of your feet in the b/w/r shot. Looks like your a zombie. And so is the lady in front of you. Yikes! Who signed me up for the Zombie cruise?!

    (yes, I'm going to bed now)