Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Winning Name

We have chosen a name for our truck. Or rather, Tom has chosen a name for our truck. He has naming rights since he's going to be the only one driving it.

But before I reveal the winner, here were all the suggestions:

Macy Gray - this was one of my favorites
The Grey Geezer - very appropriate
Suzy Q the Isuzu - Love the rhyme, but a little long
Beatrice, Harriet or Winnifred - "because she's a sturdy ol' gal who's seen her share of the world and needs a sturdy ol' name" (LOL, Thanks Ash)
Bertha - need I say more?
Zuzu or Zowie - Too girly, not enough girth!
Helga - "it kind of looks like a Viking truck."
Uzusi - Get it? It's Isuzu backwards. But I would never remember it.
Earl - LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. This will be my personal nickname for the truck.
Charlie or Henery - Helloooo, we're talking about a truck, not royalty.
Alabaster Echo - What the heck...?
Deceptive Innuendo - The person who suggested this was just bitter because he thought I was announcing a pregnancy. LOL!!
And last but not least, the Grey Goose - "It's a unisex name so should satisfy the gender question. It has alliteration so it's easy to say. The colour fits. Geese go everywhere so it suits the 4WD feature. Geese travel far so it would be a good omen for the vehicle. Geese are loyal to their mates so it should be loyal to you and give you good service." Wow, my Dad really put a lot of thought into this. (But that's why he's sooo cool!)

And the winner is...none of these!! Lame, I know, but Tom thought of a name all by himself. Remember, our last truck was named "The Golden Girl" because the car was gold and The Golden Girls (the T.V. show) were old. Along those same lines, Tom has decided to name our truck Gandolph the Grey! Tom was very proud of himself for thinking of this title.

You have my permission to call Tom a nerd.


  1. tom, ur a nerd.
    Earl is an awsom ename for a truck XD
    i win :)

  2. Um....does your Dad know what Grey Goose is? http://www.greygoose.com/ Just wondering since there was no mention....

  3. One more reason to call it the "Grey Goose" - to explain the dents on both sides!!! LOL!

  4. dangit. Well, congrats on the new addition anyway.

  5. Ha Ha Ha Meg! I didn't realize! That's too funny!

  6. do you mean Gandolf the Gay? Sorry couldn't resist...

  7. Tom, you are a nerd. But I LOVE that name! Gandalf--so awesome! And to appease your dad, you can call your firstborn Grey Goose.