Wednesday, January 27, 2010

L.A. Harker "The Director"

We're working on some super-secret promos at KSL to air during the Olympics (since that's when all of Utah is watching our station). They're going to be AMAZING! We were shooting for three days straight, and because my boss is awesome, he let me direct the shoot for the promo I'M producing!
Most production companies use what's called a green screen. It's usually paint on a wall, but we've discovered green sheets work just as well. We used four green sheets for this shoot to make a GIANT green screen.
That's me and Kory. Kory was our camera man. He is one of the most "chill" people at KSL, and super fun to work with. "With Kory there's no stress, only success!" (I just made that up, so no stealing!)
That's Nadine Wimmer, one of our star anchors! She's the nicest T.V. anchor you'll ever meet. She's super genuine! No T.V. ego's here!
That's my boss trying to steal some of the attention. He's definitely a wacky boss, but wacky in a good way. Everyone loves him. I can't imagine anyone else giving me an opportunity like this. He the kind of person that wants you to learn and take ownership of your work. But he doesn't throw you off a cliff either. He was around during the shoot to lend a hand (and a laugh) here and there. Can you believe I can actually put "director" on my resume?? "Director L.A. Harker" I like the sound of that!
We even had a make-up lady on set! That's how you know it's the real deal!
Our audio guy, Todd. I guess he got a little bored when we weren't shooting.
Here are a few more camera secrets for you. Nadine is pretty short, so we had her stand on a box to be closer in height to Bruce. And the X's on the greet screen are for tracking.

By now you're probably sick of hearing about my job, but I'll just tell you one more time that it's TOTALLY AWESOME! Bruce and Nadine are the best anchors in Utah. They were super great to work with. My boss is awesome, my boss's boss is awesome, and needless to say, the owner of KSL is awesome. ;-P


  1. Congrats on being a director! I think you forgot your lips on your boss' bum, and his boss' and his boss' and his boss' and his boss' and his......