Friday, January 15, 2010

Julie & Julia

Tonight Tom and I watched Julie & Julia. I practically had to force Tom to watch it with me because he hates Meryl Streep. Wait, I don't think I emphasized that enough. Tom HATES Meryl Streep.

Even I have to admit, the accent she uses in this movie is sooooooo distracting. It's very hard to take her seriously. I don't care if that's how Julia Child talked. It's awful.

The movie is about Julia Child, the famous chef, and Julie Powell, a writer with a dead-end job. To spice up her life, Julie decides to make every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook and blog about it.

The main reason I wanted to watch this movie is because it also stars Amy Adams, who I love. But like Meryl Streep and her horrible voice, Amy Adams has an equally horrible haircut. Both make this movie hard to bear.

The movie had no real conflict (which was fine since I don't like conflict), but it also didn't really have a happy ending (which was not fine, it left me angry). But it did make me want to blog more... and then write a book... and then have someone make a movie based on my blog/book. Anne Hathaway would play me, and she would have an AWESOME haircut!

The best part of this movie was the preview of Sleepless in Seattle at the beginning. (Which is random, right? Didn't that movie come out, like, two decades ago?) But it reminded me I have never seen Sleepless in Seattle, and it actually looks like a cute movie. Add it to the Netflix cue!

P.S. Tom did not make it through Julie & Julia. He eventually got up and made cookies. They were delicious.


  1. What? I loved this movie ... dispite the fact that Julia/Meryl has an awful accent. I was inspired by Julia Child's relationship with her husband. No matter what, they stuck together and supported one another. ... don't know if that's real life or just happy movie stuff, but I still liked it. .... (PS, love your blog. just started reading it)

  2. I agree - Awful haircut and annoying accent!
    I enjoyed the first half (maybe that far) of the movie, but the rest was soooo boring. And you're right, there is no happy ending! It kind of sucked to be honest.

  3. It was an awesome movie! Her accect led credibility to the character. All of you are too used to the perfection hollywood lends to history which is totaly false! The ending was awesome because they stuck to the truth; it should make you angry!
    The second half was NOT boring, but I have a serious interest in gourmet cooking (wathcing it anyways). So in Sum, the movie was amazing!!!!!!!!!

  4. lol. im julie. and i blog. :P

  5. Hating Meryl Streep and watching movies is like saying you hate flour and eating cookies - it is in them ALL! Plus this was witty because it had a cooking analogy. I liked the movie - not all stories have to have central conflict!