Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Cruise Part 2: Catalina Island

Can you believe this pictures were taken on Christmas Day? Didn't really feel like Christmas, but it did feel like the vacation of a lifetime. This is Catalina Island, off the coast of California. It was so picture perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, sunny, and warm enough for t-shirts. This is me and Tom on the tender boat. We had to take this boat from the cruise ship to the island.
I was just liiiiiittle excited. Can you tell?
Did you notice I bought new sunglasses part way through these pictures? Tom hated the ones I bought for 99 cents at Charlotte Russ so I bought new ones in Catalina. Personally, I don't see much of a difference, do you?
The first thing we did was SHOP SHOP SHOP! This is the hat I almost bought. It was super cute, but I couldn't think of any other time I would wear it, so I didn't buy it. Looking back, I wish I did. I would make up reasons to wear it around my house.
Don't ask me what Tom is doing with this seal...
Random eagles.

This was the best part of Catalina. Rather than renting golf carts to drive around the island, we rented electric bikes! They're regular bikes, but they have batteries attached to the back that help propel the bikes. On flat roads, you don't even have to pedal! If you ever go to Catalina Island, this is the way to go. It's cheap, super-cool, and you can go everywhere around the city in no time!

With the bikes, we were able to ride up a mountain and get some amazing pictures!

Saying goodbye to Catalina. It was such a romantic day!
Next blog...my first trip to Mexico!


  1. In the first photo I said to myself, "Nice glasses!"

  2. 1- Did you mention to Tom that a seal in French is a phoque?
    2- Did you make endless jokes about the Catalina wine mixer from "Stepbrothers"?

  3. I love Catalina too! One day, we should go back together--now that we are all old enough to rent vehicles!