Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vegas Freebies

Check out all the SWAG we got in Las Vegas!

Tom used to work for a security company and he likes keeps those skills in his back pocket.
So last weekend we went to Vegas for a "Security Conference."
But it was really just a trade show with more than a hundred companies trying to sell their products.
One of their strategies to get you to their booth?
Free stuff!

Ironically, most of the freebies had nothing to do with security.

Like flashing hats...

Flashing necklaces and flashlights...

Luggage tags...

Chocolate (WOOT!) in the shape of casino chips and cards...

Squishy things...

A random sample of fencing...

LOTS of screwdrivers...

And pens, pens, and more pens.

Here's the final count:
82 pens
18 screwdrivers
12 toys
10 notepads
9 things like *light* up
7 lanyards
5 hand sanitizers
4 flash drives
2 aluminum water bottles
2 smoke detector checker
2 lunch boxes
and 1 label dispenser.

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